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Dental Social Media Marketing

Out-do your competitors and interact with patients via dental social media marketing.

dental social media marketing

Dental Social Media Marketing is a recent, and very effective, way to get new patients through your door. It is no longer an option to just dismiss social media as a useful marketing tool.

Typical social media platforms include: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. Each of these exists for unique purposes in a marketing sense, and all can be utilised to meet your needs.

5 important benefits of Dental Social Media Marketing for your dental practice:

  1. Interact with staff, and potential and current customers – constructing and building relationships, creating loyal clients.
  2. Get to know your clients on a deeper level.
  3. Tremendous SEO value – having a large, positive effect on your search results.
  4. Personalise the brand – making your business more approachable and real.
  5. Increases exposure and provides a source of differentiation from competitors.

Dental Social Media Marketing may sound like a large and strenuous commitment, but don’t worry! Dental Sites can support and undertake your social media efforts.

You don’t have to constantly update your Twitter, or write engaging blog posts – Dental Sites can do this for you. From account creation, to profile customisation (with our designers, to create a professional and striking profile), and social networking advice on running a successful campaign, we have you covered.