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Dental Mobile Websites

Make your website more accessible than competitors’ by introducing a Dental Mobile Website.

Today 52% of all Australians own a smartphone. Keep up with your patients and reach them on all devices with a Dental Mobile Website.

Statistics show that 50% of people will use a business less often if their website isn’t mobile-friendly, even if they like the business, and 67% of mobile users say they are more likely to purchase the product or service when they have a mobile-friendly site. Don’t get left behind!

Mobile Websites are integrated into your existing WordPress site – a more streamlined method than having a separate website (although this may be done if you wish.) The mobile version of your site is a scaled down version of your website which is formatted in a way that makes it suitable for viewing on mobile devices. It includes:

  • Mobile site design with your logo in the header
  • A short description of your business
  • Up to 4 ‘call to action’ buttons on the homepage
  • Your phone number – programmed to automatically call you if the number is clicked on.
  • Your address – programmed to open Google Maps when clicked
  • A link to your full site for devices with full web browsers
  • Up to 6 pages of mobile-optimised content

How it works

We add a customised script to your website which detects users viewing the page on a mobile device. Once this visitor has been detected they will be redirected to the mobile version of the site.

4 Advantages of Dental Mobile Websites

  1. Your dental practice will be up to date with the current technology trends, improving your current site, and positioning you above competitors.
  2. Easy access for your clients, and other site visitors, to reach you – improving connectivity, and increasing the chance of a sale.
  3. Provides faster functionality
  4. Bypasses geographical restrictions

Have a look at an example of one of our Dental Mobile Websites – http://wallandental.com/